Predator Pepakura files?


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thnx Monkey but these are the files I already have.... :) .... THe chest armor in that download is for the Avp version..... Mostly I'm looking for the chest and gauntlets from Predator 1 or 2......Thnx again Monkey


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Sorry that I couldn't help you out but i heard that rhinoc over on the hunter's lair is working on a pepakura berzerker and P2 bio helmets.


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biohelm86 here could anybody tell me how to get hold of predator pepakura files for the armour .movie man on hunters lair .is links are dead .anybody else got the files.struggling at the moment


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Hello everyone, I wonder if it was possible riuppare files Armor predator, because all are currently offline and I can not find them anywhere.
Thank You.
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