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Hi so ive made a predator mask by making a clay head and then paint liquid latex onto it with 10 layers of the stuff and It looks good for the probee that I am :D  but I would like to know the process that the guys from the 2009 san diego comic con predator Apocalypse you tube video used cause they were the bomb or the guys in the Uk Predators NEC 2014 cosplay you tube video. Cause as good as my mask looks it doesnt hold anything to those guys so please if anyone from those video read this post could you get back to me cause im a massive fan and your costumes made me want to make my predator costume thanks. 
what you want to do is mold your sculpture with  ultracal/hydrocal then make a latex cast out of the mold.  this is how you get all of the detail in a mask.
google how to mold a sculpture.  or google some of the smooth on videos.  there is plenty of video how-tos out there.  spend a couple hours looking up as much info as you can.
^^^ What he said.  I researched for almost a year before doing anything on my suit, and can't believe the amount of information already available on the web.  Hell, I'm still learning new things daily.  

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