Predator GORT / Guardian Bio Helmet!

Mr Mold Maker

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Hey folks.. wanted to share a recent piece I painted. It’s a Gort Bio helmet. For those who aren’t fans of The Predator, this was the original design for the biohelmet in P1. They later changed it to the simplified design that we know today, and then this biohelmet was used at the end of P2 as the “Guardian Predator.”

This started with a silver nitrate chrome base coat. I applied many layers of weathering, going for a Matte Aluminum on the forehead and jaw areas. My references were old planes and plane parts I had shot at an Airforce museum, as well as a hatchet I had in the garage.


I’ve got to get some appropriate mesh for the eyes and I’ll also be backing it with lenses, but it is totally completed paint wise.
Hope you like it!


Mr Mold Maker

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Thanks folks! I have one more Bio coming in, the Wolf Predator from AvP R. I'll be going for a cast iron inspired look I think. Keep an eye out!


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That is remarkable art. Just starting to learn how to get convincing weathered metal surfaces and it is hard.