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Me and Dan were tossing around ideas for ways to make our predators in fallen Angel look unique but not un predator like and one of our discussions was about foot wear neither of us like the sandle type things the preds wear or the ones with spikes on in the AVP films

we were trying to come up with ideas wen i looked down at the boots i was wearing these


obviously we would make a few design alterations such as get rid of the flames and change the color id make them knee high and have the knee caps armored like the AVP style but different

what do you guys and girls think? would it look silly having a pred running around in what are obviously boots or if they were designed to look like something that would be found in a predator shoe rack would they look the park

Any input would be interesting to hear or read whatever

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Well if I had these boots myself #1 I be damn happy. They would add some height also.

#2 You can try sculpting epoxy claw toes/ blade dusters/ reptilian skin on top of those things or separately then super glue them with latex monster feet.
Of course you would need to really reinforce them inside out to really make them strong so that they can take a beating.

Actually I might try this out on my own suit.


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yh they bring me up to a reasonable height its just funny when i take them off and i drop down again

i was thinking about not having the toes or any part of the foot exposed but have the boot follow the shape of the toes


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Yeah you can still shape them to look like Exposed Steel Toe boots for Predators! That be even more bad ass!

Thanks for brainstorming and ideas! Now I'm defit going to make something like this.
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