Predator Feet


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I recently purchased a predator costume & mask for my from some members here back in November and let me first say that the stuff I bought was fantastic! My son loves his costume but there are some adjustments to be made of course...

First thing first, my poor little Predator has no feet!

I am a seamstress so when it comes to using a thread and needle I'm good, this is something out of my skill set however I think. So I started this thread hoping others can tell me what I need to buy and how to make some good Predator feet for my boy.

If I posted this in the wrong section, mods please move it to the correct forum. Also I did a search for feet and saw lots of nice Predator feet but I was hoping to find something listeing more details on how the feet were made so I could start making my son's feet.

I can post photos of my son in the costume now, before I start the additions/alterations & after everything is complete.

I'm also planning to make more dreads for the costume as well and I did find great tutorials for dread making already. :lol:

Tonkers D

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I want to see this kid suited up! Give me a holler if you need help with anything.

Oh and what does he have already? (other than the mask.)
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