Predator elder build


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Well had this one going for quite a while now, so really need to push it to be done. Sold my P2 so need this ready to hunt.

Well here is what I have and where I am to date-

Bob baggy elder head, monster room half mask

Bob baggy beserker torso-

Arms had to be split further as the arms are quite tight

Needed abit of enlarging at the back

P1 bio from the original mold-

Nearly all the armour is Chuck aka Ruffkintoys and are very nice indeed, hands are sea hunter as are the blades, thighs are Mr fetts i believe-

Mannowars lower legs and feet with 6" lifts in-

Legs are Mander seed-

Spine/skull trophy-

Base coat on

Im using Ursurpers Wolf neck ring, Bambooies dreds and rings, which will have the blue ting to them.

The suit is booked in with Ian Monstermaker first week of march to bring him to life as airbrushing is not my thing.

Joe Pep

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looks great so far. My favorite is the elder of the different types of predators. He is like the well, big male lion of the pride. Been around for a while and you can tell just by looking at him why he has been around for so long....


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Test fit before off to paint had to adjust the torso again as it was baggy at the waist, and fix slits in the arms, straps also needed tweaking