Predator child hood memories


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I saw the topic about whether should kids be allowed to watch predator or not. Well I was. I was born in 83 and I remember watching it some time in the 80s. If you have any child hood predator(i mean the movie, if you have other predator stories please call Chris Hanson) stories please share.

So one night at my grandma's while the grown ups were playing cards I was watching tv. Predator was on HBO, I had seen it before. I loved it. I was probably like 8 so clearly I've always had awesome taste. I remember that my uncle was there who always liked to rough house a little too hard for my taste. After the movie I decided to give him a piece of my mind. I walk into the kitchen where my parents and family were, pointed to my uncle and said "You're one ugly mother ******".
and quotes like that is the reason my kids don't watch it.

On a side note: I was watching the slaughter house scene the other day whil flipping channels....I didn't notice my two year old come in the room and stand at the end of the couch and start watching. I don't know how long he watched but it couldn't have been more than 2 minutes because I was flipping channels. I noticed him down there and paused the TV. I said "Chay are you ok?" to which he looked at me with eyes the size of half dollars and says "skeered....skeered". I felt like a horrible dad for bit.
I remember that my parents were kinda strict about what me and my brother could or couldn't watch on TV. My brother's two years older, but in order to not allow the one what they forbid the other, we both were mostly forbidden to watch the good stuff, and we had only one TV, so it was easy to enforce. So we often stayed at a friend's, who lived close to his grandma's, where he used to tape and watch stuff to go underneath his parents' radar, and his grandma didn't care about it. I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark there for the first time, and Terminator 2, and highly probably Predator as well. I just very distinctly remember the night we watched Raiders, since we all stayed at their garden shed for a sleepover, and we were totally thrilled since our parents would have gone nuts if they had known about it. I kept running around in a stupid straw hat the entire weekend for obvious reasons...

I also remember that rarely, my parents would leave the house at night and me and my brother would know for how long they were gone, and then we'd watch some of the VHS tapes. My parents had this habit of listing whatever they taped in a book that referenced the numbered tapes. We found "Running Man (uncut)" in there and knowing what it was about and with whom, we popped it in one of those nights, only to discover my parents had taped it over with something else but had forgotten to put that in the book ... it was Pretty Woman, of all things....
They will never hear the end of that. My bro and I still bring that up today as a joke.

Another glorious moment was in school, second to last day before the summer in maybe 9th or 10th grade, and we brought Bad Boys to watch in the classroom. We had a TV organized and all, and this first teacher we talked into it knew very little english, so he went with it and smiled the whole 40 mins through all the gunfights, the barely clad women, the "****"s and "****"s and "fuckin ****"s and all. Then the teachers switched, and the next one was an english teacher. She watched for exactly one! minute then turned off the TV before she went totally ballistic. It was so fuckin hilarious.

... good times.
I always used to watch predator as a kid like when I was 7 or 8! Predator, aliens terminator, mainly at my older cousins house so my parents didn't get much say! Ha! But all I could think of was making my own cardboard bio, endo arm out of my dads gunshell reloading kit(oops) smart discs from plastic lids and making hideouts and shooting at pretend aliens just like the movie!
As a teenager I cant post to much but I definitly just am growing up with the hunter.Cant wait for the fun experiences to come.
and quotes like that is the reason my kids don't watch it.

They always taught me not to say things I don't understand or didn't know was bad. Also, I knew what were curse words, haha. I really didn't start swearing untill High school. I was pretty good about it but hey, I was young and still impressionable. They all laughed and so did I.

I think I was at the age where they could laugh and look at me seriously afterwards and tell me not to repeat it. 2 and 4 year olds should defenitly not watch that. They would just repeat it and have no concept.
Well I was 20 in 1987, went to see Predator at the theatre...........bloody loved it and had to wait that long ( 24 years ) to get
these Neca 19"............... have quite a few figures, but far from the collection some of you guys got !!!!
i wasnt born untill after P2 i think not entirely sure when it came out but i remember watching the end of predator when i was like 5 yrs old and i remember the mud scene with arnie and the reveal scene i just remember reffering to him as the opening jaw guy coz my dad told me a story of one of his freinds fell onto a circular saw blade at work and when he let go of his chin and looked like predator when he was runnin about trying to get help kinda traumatic but its 100% true but anyhoo

thats my story
I think 7 or 8 is about the age I would allow it.
If your kids are in public schools, they'll hear far worse from their peers at that age then they will from Arny and the crew.
even though i did not get the luxury of watching it the decade it came since i did not exist yet lol, i saw the movie when i was 8 (i believe that was 2000). i was not really afraid of the big guy. as for the letting kids watch it, and i saying this due to the fact that I was owning 8 years in avp3 deathmatch and hearing them shoot out profanity much than me, being 18, I would have them watch Predator when they are at least 12 years old.
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