Predator Bio-helmet WIP


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I started my newest project and I'm learning alot ! This is a different kind of weathering than I did on my Boba Fett costume. The Bio helmet is coming along nice, I'm building a module with 3 laser pointer pieces in it and wired to a small battery pack/switch to run down into my pocket. Soon I will be making the dreads to go with it, but without making the whole mask, I need ideas on how to wear them.

My friend started me off with an awesome pepakura build which I put a few coats of resin on

View attachment 56175

I reinforced the whole interior with fiberglass mat which made it really strong

View attachment 56226

View attachment 56227

I then sanded off the edges where the paper joined and marked off the high and low spots for easy reference

View attachment 56176

View attachment 56228

Using a little bondo and spot putty I was able to get the shape I wanted

View attachment 56229

I used automotive filler primer to help smooth it out some

View attachment 56177

I then painted it "stainless steel" and weathered it with black and silver spray paint, mottled onto the helmet with torn up sponges.

View attachment 56178
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Here is an update on my Predator Biomask !

I made the dreads from backer rod coated in plastidip spray rubber. I got alot of good info from this forum and over at The Hunter's Lair. I'm not using a Predator mask of any sort , so I made a custom piece that wraps around the back of my head out of Sintra, and glued the dreads to that

View attachment 56943

Thought I'd put my homemade Boba helmet in there to give some tension in the pic, lol

View attachment 56944


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It's awesome when you can't tell it started as a pep.

Awesome work and inspiration to keep me on my pep projects. :thumbsup


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Thanks, The Fett helmet in the pic, I did last year from a pep file I got off The Dented Helmet. I used cardboard instead of paper though ( not corrugated!) and made the side pieces out of wood. The Bio helmet I used card stock. Now I'm working on an Arc Reactor, loosely based off of ThrowingChicken's design.


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Love TDH. Made the Fett in my avatar as a Christmas present for a good friend of mine using the Wiz files from there from cardboard, bondo, and lots of hot glue. Can't wait to see the arc reactor!


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Just for future reference, Was the costume section the best choice for this thread or should/could it have been put in the props section ?
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