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Hey everyone, where can I find the Predator alphabet? There's supposed to be one online, and I wanted to know if any of you know where to find it, and if it's any good. Is there one on this site? Thanks. Ciao.
You go to the top right of the home page and hit SEARCH, hit MORE SEARCH OPTIONS, and on the next page you type in "Alphabet". A simple scan down the page will lead you to Jason's post from last March...
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The Yautja language is the constructed language spoken by Yautja in the fictional Predator universe. Deliberately designed by Steve Perry for use in the non-canon Predator novel series, it contains many peculiarities, such as Object Verb Subject (OVS) word order. The language has never been heard on screen; though at some point in both films, the Yautja spoke minimal English (albeit responsively in a mocking manner). A fully-fledged native language was subsequently developed by Perry.


Just thought I would throw that in there


Download and install and you can just type predator in predator font!
Also the font is complete with lower/upper case & numerical

Was writing a letter in the font earlier just to see what it looks like LOL
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