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I started a new sculpt! This doesent mean that the 2.0 sculpt will be gone, i am saving that for the shorter preds (basicaly under 6ft). This new mask will be for the larger preds, 6ft and over. I realized i was going to have to do this when i put one of the old heads on the torso it looks to small in my opinion. With the big broad shoulders and massive chest on the torso i needed a bigger head to look more proportionate. So once the clay was free is stared blocking it out, its still very early but you can get a general idea of how its going to look. I am correcting a few things about the old head i didnt like, trying to make this one the most accurate yet. I dont want this to be a long drawn out process because i am trying to get this suit done by halloween so im going into overdrive. I hope to get this done in about a week, things always come up, but i am going to spend all the free time i have cranking this out. I have also been thinking about the way dreads attach to the mask. I have never had any fall out yet, but i want to make the holes deeper and more perfect fit to the dreads i make so that they should fit in and stay without glue. I still plan to glue them but this will help them stay beter and give the glue alot more surface area to stick to so they should be much harder to pull out. I will be updating this frequently untill its done, thanks for looking!




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Oh yes! Man you are a machine!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see how this comes out! I like how you are going to be offering different sized masks. soo cool! :D

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Wowzers, that was a fast flip to a new project. Good God, I wish I had that kind of drive, lol. Hell, I'm already blown away by the "blocking out". This will be fun to watch...


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Wow Corey ! That's wicked looking , you have some awesome sculpting skills my man ! Michelangelo would give ya a nod and thumbs up :D


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ya dude, really diggin the shape and structure of this piece :D it says "ruthless badassed pred" to me buddy.

captured it nicely, keep GOIN!


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dude wtf, how is this "just blocking out". the sculpt has all the major shapes in it already. nice work. you ARE a machine. :D


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i dont see what everyone is on about i think it looks rubbish!? hahahahaha nah mate only joking it looks bloody awesome especially as it's so early in the sculpt! if it's as good as your P1 torso we're looking at somthing pretty damn special!


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Damn if thats blocking out then you put me to shame. Looks good man, you got a plan to do some legs as well?

Yea bodiee, neck ring is next, then gauntlets and gloves, then legs and feet, then backpack and skulls. Hopefuly all by october.


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Hopefuly all by october.

Oh boy! you have gone and messed up now...... You gave us a deadline and thats a lot of stuff to finish. I know you're a great sculpter and a fast one, but i'm gonna bust out my slave driving whip to keep you on track.

P.S. can't wait for my new torso :D gonna paint that bad boy as soon as it comes in.


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Lol I have been going crazy on this thing today. I put some texture on and started the finalize alot of things. I am going to keep working till i have this thing done!




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Holy Hell man!! What must those heads look like when you really focus & give it your all?

You trying to give Larry Kidd, Shannon John Shea & Steve Wang a run for their money? You're doing a good job of it.


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Wow you work fast! That looks amazing. I can't wait till your all done! I have the money for my new suit and I'm waiting!

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