Predator 1 Torso display Bust by Scott Marshall arrived!


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Hey guys, if you haven't ordered something of Scott Marshall's , boy are you missing out. This is the absolute BEST predator replica I have ever owned . I'll let the photos do the talking.. Enjoy!











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very nice ,very nice although I would have cut a bit more of the arms and the torso .but that would make it look more of a traditional bust. and maybe that's not what you were going for.
you were right about looking like it was out of the movie.Scott does indeed makes a bad ass pred.
I count myself lucky to own an elder from him.

I wonder what Scott is going to surprise us with next.
I know you have more pred related goodies about you give us a lil taste of that?LOl
congrats on an amazing looking piece! o_O

Metal Man

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That is truly amazing looking. I bought a set of his P1 legs and now I know they are going to be great looking. Thanks for showing us your torso display


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Phenominal work by Scott, stunning peice you got there man! God that skin paint job rocks!!!
...can'! o_O


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I hope to be able to get one of those once he's all caught up on everything, but he is almost done with my Elder head/torso, so that should hold me for awhile o_O . Nobody makes a better Pred than Scott except for maybe Wang imo.


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I did, but there is a huge hole behind the arm that you can't see and a huge crack on the other arm. A big chuck broke off and must have fell out of the box. When I got it from delivery guy, a big hole was in the corner of the box.
Most of the damage is in the back so it's hidden when it's displayed. I was able to salvage the bust thank god. I'll have to live with the damage, but at least I can't see it from the front. You can unfortunately see the split seam on the left arm where I glued it back. Not much I can do with that unless I putty/sand and repaint.


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Not enough mops in this world that could clean up all the drool from my mouth as i stare at this in awe... such amazing work!


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out of all the pieces that have come and gone out of your collection over the years, this is the best by far steve..

hold on to this puppy.

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