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So, I've had a design of an Omni on my workbench for quite some time. (among many others)

The problem being that Shapeways Brass is truly expensive. So, I've put off finishing this, till now.

I am now looking at STEEL to make an Omni cheaper.

My Omni would have:

A STEEL case.
A red blinking light, and steady green light (user selectable) when you open the Omni.
The appropriate sound of blinking or green light sound.
A static globe in the center.
High Rez resin 3D printed dials that rotate.
A rechargeable battery. (Type C port on the end of the Omni)
Brass leaf paint in a more weathered look, NOT bright new brass.
A clear coat over the brass leaf, to protect it.
A sliding switch on the left side to select "Green" or "Red" before opening.

I am estimating I can do this at the $500 price point (USA shipped/ extra charge for international), and am waiting on a partial steel piece that I sent away for printing to see how it looks and feels with the steel and brass leaf.

After receiving the partial piece, I'll have to revisit my design, make the final changes, and see how the piece looks. So, this is a PRE-interest list just to see if there are any interested buyers out there. If no one's interested in a non-real-brass Omni, then there's no point in doing a Run. ;)


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Hello The Omni is a Time Travel Device seen on the TV Show Voyagers. Here are some photos and a website you can check out as well. Hope this helps clarify. They are HARD to find anyways this cool Jintosh! The Voyagers Guide Book Site: The Omni | Voyagers Guidebook
Omni Pic 1.jpg
Omni Pic 2.jpg
Omni Pic 3.jpg
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I'm thinking brass leaf isn't going to do it. It might need brass plating to look right.

Or I should offer a 3D resin Omni in working condition for $300.

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