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I am putting on a production of Phantom of the Opera. In the movie there is a sword fight in the Musical the phantom has a skull on the end of a pike the shoots fireballs. The theatre which I am putting the play on has strict rules on shooting fire (go figure) and it is beyond my technical ability and budget anyways. So the conflict between Raoul and the Phantom will be a short dual. All of my practical swords (meaning they make contact) are Paul Chen from the 14th century era (two handed, hand and half and short sword) but I am looking for more of a practical Saber. I have searched ebay and found plenty of sabers (more cavalry style) and rapier which is a bit earlier time period but not sure on their durability. I have messages out to the sellers
So the question is does anyone know of any practical sabers, that are relatively inexpensive. I know price usually makes the difference but I'm over ten grand in already and I need to stretch the budget. Below are pics from the the Movie, they do not need to be exact replicas.



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Kultofathena has some by Baltimore knife & sword. They aren't terribly expensive but not super cheap either. The plus side is that they're in the states and they have a lifetime guaranty on their swords


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I teach fencing for competition and for stage. Here are some sabers that I would use for actors. They are safer and made to take a beating. They are also tipped for safety. They have others on their site and run about $100 to $150. Other than that I would use a lightweight aluminum stage saber.

Pecoraro Sabre - 19th Century Italian Saber

Please do not use the "wall hanger" swords or non-tempered steel blades. They are not meant to be hit against each other or anything and they will chip and send sharp pieces of metal flying into your actors and the crowd. Or worse, the tang will snap and the whole blade will go flying across the stage. (I have seen this happen!)

If there is a local fencing club around, get your actors some basic saber lessons. They will be alot safer and the sword fight will look much, much better!

Good Luck!
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