Power Rangers in SPACE: PSYCHO Rangers Costume


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Plain and simple, I LOVE the good ol' Psychos off Power Rangers in SPACE/Lost Galaxy. Evil to the bone and obsessed to the limit! Here is an attempt I made a few back and the result wasn't bad! I Love the way it came out in the end. I havent seen ANY psycho cosplays so I guess im the first.:) my take on Psycho Silver mostly used EVA Foam pretty easy construction.


Please keep in mind this is a WIP(Work in Progress)
With Dragon Ranger Helmet:
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Nice! Hadn't really thought about that. I had sort of fallen out of the franchise sometime shortly before the casting switch in Turbo. (I liked the first twelve actors/actresses cast best) But when I went back through, yeah, the Psychos really were something to watch. Wouldn't mind buying the patterns either, except I don't really have time right now. :lol Still in the planning phase of what I decided would be my first build. Have it all in my head, but time consuming and expensive.
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