chanmin papa

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hello, everyone ~
I'm new one in here.

This is my son.
My son loves power rangers. but this costume helmet is so expensive.
Although my son wanted it. so I determined to make with my skill.
But, it is true that I have no experience of making helmet. Anyway, I made this!!
How do I make this?

By the power of FATHER !!!!!!! I'm loving him. All hail fathers of the world~

2015-03-11 01;40;42.PNG

Movie is here. please visit to my channel and show more helmets.


Quick question: Is it possible to use wall filler (the white goo you cab use to fill holes in a wall before you paint) instead of the bondo car putty on pepakura helmets covered in resin and fibreglass? Wall filler is so much cheaper here in Norway..
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