Power Rangers Green Ranger Shield Build #GiiZmOMakes


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Power Rangers Green RangerShield Build.

Build By #GiiZmOMakes
I wish i knew who made the pdo. its not my creation and do not take credit for the model. I'm merely a maker making an awesome Pep file.

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I started with the collar to make sure it was going to fit.
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This is, hopefully, the Goldilocks size.
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Now completed, you can see the progression. Initially, I had made it too big. Measuring from end to end and comparing my shoulder to shoulder length, the collar came out way to small. I basically sized it to the difference between the two and thus this build was born.
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So these plans are ment for paper and it has a lot of, in my opinion, wasted effort. I compensated with having to make all the thin strips for the inside of all the cutouts and other sunken in detail by going with a thicker EVA to actually do what the pattern is trying to convey.
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Cranked up a cheap hot wire for the detail.
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By going with a thicker foam, I saved a lot of time and hand pains from cutting.
View attachment 593708View attachment 593711No all thats left is put a backing to replace the table top and the front plate is done..ish.

I debated how the opening was going to be attached, zipper was a strong possibility. Velcro was too think and i didnt have the space to sink it flush. but I ended up going with snaps.
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The collar and front plate sofar.
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