Power Ranger (Lego edition)


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The Motor City Comic Con is an upcoming event in May. The celebrities attending the event include Jason David Frank. With the announcement of a reboot of MMPR, I decided to make Power Ranger cosplays. My four year-old wanted to be the Pink Ranger, so I like to match with whoever wants to attend the event with me. In honor of JDF, I will attempt to bring no disappointment as the Green Ranger. I prefer the Green Ranger since the White has the potential to stain and flaws will be more visible.

I used the pep files posted on by many fan designs. I chose the ones that seemed more accurate replicas and began to build the helmets.

IMG_5288.jpg IMG_5290.jpg IMG_5287.jpg
Scaled as default. I used the dimensions (mm) instead of the scale factor. The dimensions of head that protrudes the most (+10mm) gives me enough space for helmets.

IMG_5323.jpg IMG_5324.jpg
I took the dimensions of my daughter's head, and built the pep file. It seemed to fit perfectly before I could glue the final side. I did not want to waste any more time on a helmet that will not fit her. It already took about 3-4 hrs to glue this.

IMG_0059.jpg IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0066.JPG
The helmets were glued and ready for figerglass resin. I placed fiberglass on the inside and out of the helmets. The Green Ranger helmet seemed to fall apart on the right side. The hot glue did not hold strong enough, but I was able to save it from a total disaster.
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The pink helmet had no issues, so it was ahead in its stage. It had body filler on it, the tedious sanding began.

IMG_0070.jpg IMG_0086.JPG
After sanding 3 layers of body filler, I used a dremel to cut the helmet open.

Primed the helmet. I found a couple of blemishes, so I added some more body filler and sanded it down again until no flaws were visible.

IMG_0155_2.jpg IMG_0143.jpg
Next, I painted the actual colors to the helmet (using Rustoleum Berry Pink and white). While the paint was drying, my daughter fitting her measured lego parts.

Reason for the Lego Edition:

I was unable to find any suits for my daughter. My wife did not want me to spend a fortune in such a short period of time.
My daughter asked, "Daddy, what about a Lego Power Ranger?" (She finished watching the Lego Movie, and her older sister wants to be Nya from Ninjago)
So this concept of the Pink Ranger in a Lego edition is a new idea.

Basic allegra for scaling the dimensions, but I altered it to have her shoulders out of the "body" with the lower part over her upper thighs as the "skirt" of the Pink Ranger. Everything else was scaled accordingly with the actual lego figures by centimeters (cm).

I put my helmet aside to focus on my daughter's cosplay. Kids come first, it's a good habitat as a dad.
Once the paint dried, I used wetdry sandpaper on any paint build-ups. An additional coat was added and 3 clear coats.
I'm starting to see the vision of a good outcome.

IMG_0178_2.JPG IMG_0205.JPG
Added padding in the inside of the helmet for comfort.
For the visor, I was going to buy one online, but I decided to be cheap and creative searching in my house. Luckily, I found a lot of 2-Liter soda bottles that I could use. Window tint added to a piece of plastic and it looked great. (Please do not mind the pink hair dryer, I have a wife and two daughters... this house has an abundance of estrogen.)

IMG_0166.jpg IMG_0180.JPG IMG_0179.JPG
The cardboard was sealed and the painting was a long process, but I tried to make it as accurate as possible. The cuffs are $1 cup holders from Walmart painted, saved me some EVA foam.
I only task left is to make the Lego hands drying on the small box.
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Since I have finished the Pink Power Ranger Lego. I rushed to complete my Green Ranger helmet.

IMG_0167_2.JPG IMG_0201_2.JPG IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0247_2.JPG
The body filler added, and the sanding process took longer than I wanted it to. The helmet has good detail that I did not want to lose while adding body filler. You may see where it is thinner or only one layer in some areas.

I primed it once I thought it was ready for painting.

IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0263.JPG
Of course, I was wrong. There were more flaws I primed it. So I decided to cut the paper visor out, and the back piece to ensure that it will still fit.
The power drill is for the latches, because I do not think the magnets will be ideal for any cosplay actions.
(It would be upsetting to have the helmet fly to the ground when I just nod my head.)

IMG_0360_2.JPG IMG_0357.JPG
Added the visor to the green helmet.
On the green helmet, I used:
Rustoleum Meadow Green paint
White gloss
Metallic silver
Red paint (leftover from my Spider-Man web shooters)

On the pink helmet, I had:
Rustoleum Berry Pink
White gloss
Metallic silver
A paint marker for the black lines (which will be redone since I was so shaky).
The eyes of the pink helmet were just little green foam pieces from the photo background. Something quick with my lack of time and resources.

This is the end result by the time this con came. I could add the details for the Green Ranger another time. This will be presentable for now.
(Reminder: This is just a trial run for Motor City Con.)
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Looks great! He was at MCCC last year and was amazing so looking forward to seeing him again this year! I'll be there all weekend again.


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Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Here's an update on the Shuto Con that we attended.

IMG_0371.JPG IMG_0386.JPG
My older daughter only wanted to attend the event, no cosplay for her. She did help make the Green Ranger Lego, which was done the night before this event.
I was lucky to have her help, but we were really tired and made mistakes on some details like the cuffs.

IMG_0390_2.JPG IMG_0393.jpg IMG_0366.JPG
You can see that I had scaled my daughter's lego cosplay perfectly, but I scaled the Green Ranger too wide. It was nice; but my cuffs were wrong, hands were last-minute, and I forgot the belt, the morphers, and white hood. It was a good trial run. We know the deficiencies and corrections for next time. The important thing was having fun though.
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