Pottery Barn Star Wars kids bed

Discussion in 'Collectibles' started by alienscollection.com, Sep 4, 2015.

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  2. jcoffman99

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    What does one do with a 4000.00 bed after the kid outgrows it?
  3. 0neiros

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    Customize it for yourself.

    Actually you bring up a point I've always thought of. On show like Extreme Home Makeover, they'd do the Bedrooms for kids, really elaborate, and I thought "Yeah, but what happens when that kid hits his teens?" You'd have to tear that room apart to Re-Do it.
  4. Wes R

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    What kind of person would spend that on any bed? You can buy a good used car or put it in a college fund for your kid. That tells me Pottery Barn has lots of customers with no brains and lots of cash.
  5. division 6

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    Like I tell people at work trying to explain this whole star wars blitz, Disney is trying to get back that 4 billion they spent on the franchise.
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  6. Wes R

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    With Hasbro making the toys they should make a killing, hasbro loves charging 15.00 for an action figure these days. I was horrified at the price of transformers (soon disney will own them too i bet) when they were 10.00 last time i bought them. Anything with starwars is going to go for big bucks these days with the new movie coming out.
  7. division 6

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    Glad I stopped collecting.
    6+ years of new figures coming.
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  8. Wes R

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    It's that way with every franchise. Hasbro figured out that remakes of the 80s Transformers figures that were simple to transform (opposed to the movie figures) sell to collectors so now they're redoing every character at least once a year in some form.
  9. Lost in Trek

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    Sell it to another collector for $8000.00 cause by then it's out of production and super rare.
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  10. binkleywalker

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    $4000? We could almost buy our own ship for that!
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  11. Sunkistshark

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    wow, cool but not $4000 cool.
  12. Contec

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    Yeah ,But who's gonna sleep in it, kid? you?
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  13. Sick Rick

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    I actually LOLed at this...haha!

    "Your * right i could, I'm not such a bad sleeper myself"

    "Pulling up covers isn't like dusting crops kid, one bad covers pull and your feet are sticking out-and that would end your sleep real quick!"
  14. Moviefreak

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    Actually could be cool to transform it into a video game center. Put a flat screen and a cool seat in there and make it into a cockpit gaming station.
  15. matty matt

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    Lol at the comments. It is pretty cool, but I think most of us could build something like that for a couple hundred dollars. Pottery Barn is out of their minds.

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