POTC Sword of Triton by Disguise


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Didn't see anyone posting this so I thought I would. I got this from a seller on the bay because I was curious about it and how it would look.

The Sparrow sword by Disguise is pretty nice for a costume piece and I got one to work from as a pattern for a metal replica one day.

The Triton sword seemed to be left out of discussions on here so I thought I would post some pics as a review just to let everyone know.


Hilt and Handguard

Closeup of detail on the blade




And tip

All in all not bad. The blade could use some strengthening especially at the base and the painted gems could be a lot better.

With a little work (just like the Sparrow sword and the Zizzle flintlock) this could be a very nice piece.
Wow. Thats a lot better than I expected, especially with the quality of the Disguise Sparrow pistol. Is it the same as the Sparrow sword, with the hard plastic hilt, and the blow-moulded blade?

Another thing is size, How does the overall scale look?
31" long and yes on the hilt and blow molded blade. That makes the blade a little flimsy feeling at the base because it tapers down so drastically.
What is it made of? I want to ge my brother one for christmas. If you could post a link to where i can get one tha would be wonderful!
(Is it an acual swor dand not a cheap plasic thing?)
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