Potc Skull Sword Display.


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Hey Guys.

This is a project I've had in the back of my mind for ages now, and while looking for some halloween bits and pieces, the idea came to fruition.

I've wanted a way to show off my Jack Sparrow swords, and had the idea of Recreating the original Pirates of the Caribbean One Sheet poster. Looking around for ages at heaps of skulls, made me realise that most life size ones were too small, till I found this......


Its a mask, based off the Pirates Skull, beads, bandanna and all, for $2 at my local dollar store. They only had gold, so I've decided to refinish it in the classic Parts 1-3 Bone finish, with gold and silver teeth, fabric bandanna and both my swords mounted behind.

This is to get an idea of how it'll look, with my plastic Jack Sparrow sword (Hilt on the left) and my Carbon Steel, Revolutionary War Hanger (hilt on the right).

Stay Tuned for the paint up!


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That's going to be so cool, the iconic logo in 3D!

Love the skull mask. Was thinking I'll run up to my
dollar store tomorrow to have a look-see for some.
Then I see they ain't from around here (USA) :(
BUT, they might have some anyway.

Look forward to seeing the finished project.



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They Might have some, They do come in silver too, which I saw back around the OST release in some arcades, those ones where you get points on the games, and trade them for prizes. It could be worth a search on EvilBay too, I found some images on google, just by searching Pirate skull mask gold.

Anyways, Basecoated in flat black, and stipple painted on a heritage cream colour, as the basic bone finish. Not happy with it entirely, might get come proper bone colours, and some darker browns for some washes. I masked off the correct teeth (Matching Cap'n Jack's onscreen teeth) so I'd have some crazy shiny gold teeth as well.

This is with some scrap bandanna fabric, temporarily glued on. Starting to look groovy!



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Just a quick update, with a mock up of the finished product. Dangles are in their temp places, and the swords are just held in place with bulldog clips. Gonna have to work out a reliable setup to hold them in place.

I really like how this is turning out.



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looks really good... hey if you want to have it done in bronze and have sword mounts put in let me know... i just did a pirate skull sword for the SS exchange.. all bronze fittings...
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