POTC OST - Yahtzee Vs. Disguise Fountain of Youth Chalice.

Alan Castillo

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For those of you still undecided which cups to get (if any), here is a very brief review in a few self-explanatory pics.

Note - Both Chalices need a total re-paint.

The one on the left is one of my Yahtzee Chalices, already re-painted long ago.

The one on the right is the Disguise Chalice, just in a couple of hours ago.

And no, there is nothing wrong with the camera angle in the following pic :lol

Lastly, the Disguise Chalice weighs around one third of the weight of the Yahtzee one. (yes, it's possible :lol).

And here are my two totally re-painted Yahtzee Chalices for reference.

IMO, go with the Yahtzee.


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I totally agree. The Yahzee chalice is excellent as far as it goes between these two. The costume/disguise chalice is terrible. I saw it in the store and new I wanted nothing to do with it. I have the Yahzee chalice and am very happy with it. Now I need to find another.

I wish I could get a better view of the costume compass. If like the costume chalice it probably is bad.


Alan Castillo

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Zoiks !

I just took the compass totally apart for a part that I needed.

But yes, don't bother with it :lol

The paint job is terrible, the 'stars' in the lid are, literally, blotches of paint, etc.


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Thanks, man... That helps a lot...

The compass from the playset incl. map is great for a conversion... If you have the chance take this one... The other ones look awful...

Here is my compass:


Will go to work as far as I got my two yahtzee games, maybe I can find a game somewhere in Europe...