POTC Fans Please Help my Fiancee

Supa troop

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Guys im beating my head against a brick wall here.

Please can any one help with sourcing the Parts for the Angelica Costume from POTC 4, or point me in the direction of a forum or website that can help with this costume build

I believe the costume to be based on french renaissance clothing but every search i have done leads to tacky fancy dress costumes.

I am really interested in Knowing what Sword and and sword belt was used for this costume and if a really good replica can be found too.

Im really getting frustrated with this one so i turn to the experts of the RPF for help

i have a picture here that i believe may be the official Disney costume.

I promise that if i get this costume completed fro my Fiancee i will post pictures.



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I never finished my Angelica-esque costume, top many obligations and premier came and went and I didn't get to go.......
But I did do a lot of research before I abandoned ship and there is a thread here with a lot of Angelica information in it.....

Finding the paisley print for the vest was a fail, but there were a couple different people did graphics they uploaded to spoonflower and had the stuff printed.....the colors not quite right, but a "would do" situation....
IIRC the Disguise costume was suppose to have a pretty good looking vest?? I think they also have a hat that is passable.....

I found the trim for the cincher,
still available from Dove Original Trims
Metallic Aztec Gold Flat Braid Trim Scroll Design 1 Inch By The Yard at Dove Originals Trims | Cording, Lace Trim, Fabric Fringe

ACME is currently selling the belt and buckle on ebay, and may at one time offered the sword belt, can't remember?? but I don't think there's been a sword replica from anyone.

Wade through the pages of that thread and what you can't find out there maybe I can help you a little more with it. I have some pretty good ref pics of the sword, you may have to go the route of replicating it yourself or begging someone else to......


Supa troop

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Hey You guys, thanks so much for the quick replies and useful links, there is plenty there to read through.

My Fiancee did try to join KTTC but is having problems getting onto the forum

thanks again :thumbsup


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Well, KTTC is rather dead these days, and the sadly the POTC community pretty fractured and scattered. Most of the old crew have moved on since the days of DMT and AWE with a few of the newer Jacks hanging out in private groups here and there, not sure where all the wenches got off to? I'd venture to guess your best bet for finding help with an Angelica costume would be right here on the RPF.

There were a lot of great Angelica costumes done for premier and I know some of the folks that did them still hang around here.

The big general picture is too much to lay out all at once, but if you post your specific needs as you go along building the costume, I'm sure you'll find plenty of help here.

Are you going for the costume as is worn by the Park Angelicas in the pic you posted, without a frock coat?



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Try my crew. Most of us of the old KTTC moved to POTC, aka Pointofthecutlass.com and you can find me and my son there as Lady Stingray and Lil' Jack Sparrow! We are a friendly crew, I promise. And tell 'em Stingray sent ya.

Supa troop

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Pretty much sourced most of this now, just waiting on a reply from ACME for the baldric and belt.

Still struggling to nail down the hat and having great difficulty in finding the Lady that was supplying the correct Paisley Pattern.

i suppose this is what comes in wanting to put something together long after the movie was released.


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Although I can't help you myself (I don't have a better half, so no need for Angelica, lol), I can be pointing you in the direction of a certain Miss Aelynn. :p

Scurvy Dog

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Keep to the code mate, look for a gal named Aubree, she just did a nice Angelica costume a while back.
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