POTC; EITC Box building diary

Swiss Pyrate

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This is my first post in this forum.
I would like to rebuild the box which can be seen on Lord Beckett's desk in part two and three.
I'll try to use historically correct tools, woods, techniques and materials. For example, hide glue instead of white glue, shellac/wax instead of varnish, hand saws and planes.... Of course I'll cook the hide glue to ensure maximum strength, the one in the tube is a bit weaker. The goal is to create a box, which looks like a new piece from the 18th century.
I already have a small piece of maple wood, because colonial cabinet makers would have most likely used that type of wood. The rest will arrive on Saturday.
I drew some plans and held them to the photo to see if the proportions are correct. I took a photo of what I already have. If you like, I can send you the dimensions and plans, no problem!

Photos April 2015 006.JPG

I hope you'll enjoy this building diary as much as i do!

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