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Hello, Just wanted to run this past someone.

I wanted to post some pictures in Jason's awesome "what did you build this year?" thread, and it would not post and then explained

Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed[/b]

I have copied the post I intended to post there, but I have [b]removed[/b] the [IMG] portion of the image links from THIS post, so someone can look at this and maybe tell me why these are now "dynamic pages" when previously I have posted images from this server, on this site, plenty of times and never had a problem before. I didn't do anything differently.

Your help and patience is greatly appreciated guys. Thanks.


Here are a couple of pictures of one of my blaster builders entries.


I basically used the parts I won't use on a cheapy pulse rifle kit, and some plumbing odds and ends, a daisy red dot site, parts of an asthma inhaler, some RAM, lots of Krylon BBQ paint, some weathering via mettalic acrylic paints, I hand carved the "wood" bullets from flower foam, and use acrylic paint to make them look like carved wood. I used a few crosses from ren fest, and one that up close reads "God Loves you" inside the cross. It was a really fun project.

I also tore apart and rebuilt a friend's RCroberts Pulse rifle kit.[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

This was fun too, I dremelled out the flat grenade launcher ejection port and cut a PVC pipe in half long ways, dremeled the edges round, and fit it into the big hold I dremeled out. Added a lot more character to the gun, and took away a lot of it's "RCrobertness". I used BBQ black, Krylon camo paint, and acrylic mettalic for weathering. The new ejection port was painted with Dupli color "chrome". Great stuff.

I repainted a buddy's SPAT pulse rifle as well.[/IMG][/IMG]

I did a bit of dremelling on the GL ejection port on this one too to give it that 870 chamber bevel. I added a Gl barrel, as there was just a big oblong hole. I also replaced the charging handle on the thompson portion with something more accurate than what was there. This was fully painted in acrylics as I had not discovered the wonders of krylon BBQ black, and krylon camo yet.

This is my current project.;s%20gun.jpg[/IMG][/IMG]

A casting I got from Phil, the lever on the body of the gun really bugged me so I used a coping saw to remove it, then sanded the body down to be smooth, and will place it back down so it matches the gun "closed".

Otherwise, I have just sanded and dremeled to remove the parting line so far. Having watched the Boxed set DVd and the film on DVd over the holidays I am itching to finish this one.

I also built a bunch of props I haven't taken pictures of yet. ;)

An icons recasting for a friend, I would guess he got this from the UK based on the bubbles patterns I have seen on these reacstings before. This thing is a mess, with the back portion of the mag well being soft and heavily bubbled I am going to have a lot of work to do. ;)

Turning a maverick nerf gun into a gas grenade launcher for a friend's film.

I recently aquired "45 or so" pounds of broken and battered toy guns (lots of japanese model guns in there) from ebay, and it's a prop builders wet dream, lemme tell ya. I intend to make quite a few of those.

OK, I'll stop now. :)

Thanks for starting a kick ass thread Jason.


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Noeland, I ran into the same problem a while back, and I think it has to do with the % in your filenames.

Since it's FMC's pic hosting, you might PM him and see if he has any thoughts on it.


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If it's just the %20 that is causing it, just replace it with a space... Not and underscore but and actuall space...

But I copied one of your links and didn't have issues posting it in this post prior to editing...
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