Post your NYCC photos here


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If anyone got Spiderman photos, I was there in my Spidey4fun suit on Saturday. Not seen any of them yet, tho... :(


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Cap's suit is battle damaged? And I had no idea Robert Fischer (Inception) was Australian

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Does anyone know if the person who did the Tali costume from Mass Effect is a member here? I only saw a pic that was taken from a distance, but it looked really good.


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I really don't like the placement of the zipper on Cap's uniform. Having it off center in the red is kind of distracting.


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Ah ha! I finally get it!

They're captain's bars.

That shoulder design bothered me, but now it makes sense.
Unless he's been demoted to Lieutenant America I'm pretty sure those aren't rank insignia on his shoulders. Probably just design elements to break up the color a bit and unify some of the design.


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That last guy in my photos is Darth Malgus, from the new video game.

Looks cool doesn't he? Personally I think that's how Vader should have looked at the end of Episode III. Just sayin. :sleep