Post IM build - lessons learned!

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    I have finally finished my mark vi and the thought I would talk about my lessons learned...

    1) building a costume using a smart phone instead of a pc is not a good move.

    2) I saw a post on here re: foam type in the UK and some recommended "Karimor camping mats" - AVOID THESE!! Does not give a smooth finish and now up close my IM looks far from smooth!

    3) Source paint prior to urn build, Halfords is expensive! Primer and Laquer can be found in the UK in the £0.99p shops!

    So... what am I left with.....
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  2. rensole

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    good ideah here are some things i learned from the warmachine build

    1) be sure the faceplate is as smooth as you can get, if you use silver you can see all the little dents and everything.

    2) if you got the bondo make sure when sanding everything is still coverd (even if its just a bit) in bondo, the silver paint will stick to the edges of the bondo and it will take FOREVER to dry

    3) use magnets on the lowerpart of the helmet. and fiberglass with them in it trust me you will enjoy having these around.

    4) you got hard and fine bondo.
    use the fine one the finish is the same but its better to work with
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    1) bondo will take forever and give you cancer. If you can do it in foam and have it still look good, do it. I've seen more than one person almost pass out trying to roam around in rigid armor anyway.

    2) the paint job is going to make or break you.

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