Post-apocalyptic costume (Fallout 3 inspired)


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Because I am miles behind the pop culture curve most of the time, I only recently got around to playing Fallout 3. I loved it. It was fun, challenging, well-made by Bethesda's standards, and hilariously gruesome. Above all, the aesthetic was spot on.

I had an old British Army issue gas mask lying around, and decided it would look much better if I raider-ified it. So I scribbled a design, grabbed some foam and a few hours later:


All the armour plates are 3mm EVA foam, superglued onto the mask. The rubber the mask is made of is supposed to be pretty inert stuff, so sometimes it didn't take the glue first try, but generally sanding it a little before you glued the foam did the trick. The pipes are made out of drinking straws and flexible plastic hose, and the 'rivets' are just small nails cut short and poked into the foam. Those little gas tanks are used CO[SUB]2 [/SUB]canisters from those quick-inflator things for bikes. As far as painting goes, everything was roughly painted with silver Rub 'n' Buff, then washed with diluted acrylic paint. The wash was dabbed on, left to dry a little, then rubbed off with a piece of towel. Rinse and repeat until you get what you're after.

I ended up gutting the filter to give myself somewhere to put all the electronics, and that's were the piece of metal over the right eye came from. I hadn't originally planned to have the two eyes be different, but when I saw that thing I couldn't not put it on.

There are two circuit boards here, one for the EL wire and another simply connecting all the LEDs together. These are held in the empty drum and powered by a 9V battery located just under the chin.

Some shots of it in the dark:


There will be more armour eventually, but time and money and space are all working against me at the moment. It will be a slow process, but I'll get there!