Post-apocalyptic costume and prop party - Southern CA 6/25/11

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Admins - I don't know if I'm posting this in the proper place. I thought about putting it in off-topic, but I saw that prop parties are in the regular prop section so I thought maybe this should go here since it's a costume party, but also (to a lesser extent) a prop party.

Here are the details:
Post apocalyptic/Mad Max-themed party/photo op
June 26th, 2011. Hesperia, CA
2pm - Midnight

This is a Wasteland Weekend party ( and we wanted to extend the invitation to folks from the Southern CA prop and costume community that we haven't met yet.

This is a party at a private residence in the desert and post-apocalyptic costumes are MANDATORY. There will be professional photographers there taking pictures of attendees in front of our replica of the tire-fort gates from The Road Warrior, as well as other set pieces.

We'll be providing food and drinks and free world class photos of you in your gear and everything is free (but a small donation toward food and drink is always appreciated).

We are also interested in post-apocalyptic props if you want to bring them, either to have people take photos with, or just to look at. Everything from guns to full-size vehicles.

This is an invite-only party so you will need to contact me for more details (but getting an invite is pretty easy).

We are gearing up for Wasteland Weekend 2011 in September (the world's largest post-apocalyptic party), and this more casual get-together is for our performers, staff, attendees and prospective attendees. We'd love to meet more creative folks from the Southern CA area that are into post-apocalyptic costume and prop-making.
There are also opportunities for prop makers to volunteer their skills and get free admission to Wasteland Weekend 2011.

Feel free to ask me questions in this thread or just PM me.
You can see photos of Wasteland Weekend (as well as get post-apocalyptic costuming tips) at wasteland
And you can like our page on facebook at Wasteland Weekend | Facebook

I'm hoping that since we're throwing a free costume and prop photo party, you guys won't mind me making those plugs. Hope to see many of you later this month and/or in September.

P.S. SORRY, NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED. Seriously. (Though a bit of radiation sickness and mutation is okay). Our event focuses more on the semi-real version of the apocalypse, so we tend to discourage horror and sci-fi or it just gets out of hand in that direction. It's more about Mad Max, Fallout, The Road, Doomsday, etc. etc..
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