Possible to dye cosplaysky's Cap Stealth Suit?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Lightslinger, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Know this is mostly like a definite no way, but worth a shot :)

    Here's the link to the product, talking specifically about the shirt part (not pants, straps, gloves or belt): http://cosplaysky.com/captain-ameri...ve-rogers-uniform-outfit-cosplay-costume.html

    It's material is listed as high quality twill. Would it be possible to dye this? Or maybe paint it? I'm considering going either all black, or black underneath with the upper parts lighter gray.
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    Anything's possible but probably not easy. I have the AoU Cap suit which uses the same fabric as the stealth suit. The navy fabric they use has a clear plastic top layer that could prevent dyeing. You can remove it with a rag dipped in acetone and then dye the suit. Also dyeing from navy blue to light gray could be problematic.
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    Hey there! I just registered now as I've been lurking for a few months (everyone here is so informative and helpful!) and when I saw this thread I knew I had to finally register and comment! I purchased the Cosplaysky AOU suit so I could modify it for a MCU Bucky!Cap for DragonCon 2015 and I was able to color part of the jacket and all of the pants black using Simply Spray upholstery fabric spray paint. Having read up on the previous threads here I wiped down the pants with acetone before I sprayed them black so the color could stick (otherwise it just turned a little darker but not full black) and used acrylic paint to paint the fake leather parts/stripes darker.

    I'm not sure if if the furniture fabric spray would work with a lighter gray color if you're going from that dark blue to something lighter, but if you wanted to spray it black, then the spray paint might be the way to go?

    I do have to add that some of the paint sweated off in the Atlanta heat (mostly because I folded the long jacket near my waist as it was a little long to begin with) but they can be touched up. Pants are still black and haven't faded at all.


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    Thanks for the advice you two, and that re color looks fantastic. I'll look into the furniture spray stuff, appreciate it!
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    I would suggest the fabric and upholstery spray as well. I used it on my Starlord jacket to make it more burgundy and it worked great. Word of advice though, spray it well in advance to when you are going to wear it, it stays smelly for a while. Also, wear a long sleeve shirt you don't care about and gloves and tape them to the shirt so that you can easily move around the fabric while you are painting it.
    Another option would be just to dye it. I'd say go the acetone route first to get rid of that layer, but them you should be able to dye it easily. If you go the dying route, look at some of the tips online on how to ensure the best color for dark colors. I have done this in the past as well and adding 1 tablespoon of dark laundry detergent (for dark clothes) and (I think) 1-2 cups of salt will help to promote color taking to the fabric well. Good Luck!
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    I believe cosplaysky can do color swaps

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