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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by 8 perf, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. 8 perf

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    I know we are not supposed to post links to live auctions, but I thought this may need posting. Mods, please move or delete if I am wrong here.

    I recently caught this guy using pics of a custom lightsaber I made, hyperlinked directly from my website in his auction. I shut him down by altering my website code, and for the longest time he had a "red x" where my pic used to be. On top of all that, he claimed his instruction book was used to make the light sabre in question. As it was my saber, I know this to be false..
    I see he has a new pic up now of what appears to be a real graflex. Again he says it was built using his plans.
    If this is one of your pics, and there are others on his listing, you might want to let him know how you feel. I did not report him to ebay, as I caught it in time and I was feeling nice that day, but........
    BTW, if this is a member here, you should D**N well know better.

  2. Apollo

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  3. sandollor

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    What a total shame it is to see this type of auction.
  4. stingray

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  5. 8 perf

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    watermarking---------on my "to-do" list this afternoon
  6. upandatom

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    It'd almost be worth the $10 just to leave a neg feedback saying what this guy is actually up to.
  7. xeno

    xeno Well-Known Member

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    just buy one and resell it for $0.01
    with the exact same header and
    with 10.0000 available :angry

  8. batninja

    batninja Well-Known Member

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    This guy can't even spell his username correctly. I don't trust anyone that can't spellcheck their eBay auctions, no matter what the feedback rating is.
  9. Chingon

    Chingon Well-Known Member

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    The pic of the 2 Graflex sabers are linked directly from Matt Munson's website. Hopefully he'll see this and do something about it.
  10. nmmatt

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    Nice one Matt :lol

    Might make this jerk think again about using someone elses photos :lol
  11. MaxPlague

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    HEHE... :lol
    Nice going Matt.
  12. KevVader

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    That is classic....nice. :p
  13. Lawgiver

    Lawgiver Well-Known Member

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    Good job Matt, not a very bright thief. :confused

    The owner of the first pic has been notified as well...
  14. kell

    kell Well-Known Member

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    Matt- your new pic is much better :lol :lol :lol
    I pulled it up and laughed so hard I almost wet myself ...

  15. yakcam

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    I almost spat my coffee over my monitor, that's damned funny.

    Well done Matt :thumbsup


  16. aniskywalker

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    ... :cheers ... :D
  17. propsculptor

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    THEWRAPOFCONS Well-Known Member

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    guess I am missing what Matt did to the auction
  19. Lawgiver

    Lawgiver Well-Known Member

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    Look at the second picture.

    Anyone know what David Duchovny holding a flashlight has to do with this guys plans... :p
  20. MattMunson

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