Possible cheap Spiderman face shell?


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So i was at target yesterday and stopped by the toy section to see what was available from Green Lantern and saw this for only 10 dollars



It has slightly raised urethane webbing on it which could be removed, but i don't think it would show up under a fabric mask much at all.

It also sports a soft urethane rubber eye piece that sits on your face to separate it from the hard plastic and for comfort.

The profile of the mask is also pretty well shaped, similar to other face shells i've seen

With my Sony print from Fettster coming soon, i need to start looking into face shells and happened to see this and think that with a little work it could be pretty nice.

Anyone with more spiderman suit knowledge have any thoughts?
i bought it and went home to try it with my spider man mask. overall, it looks ok, with the webs having a realistic bump to it. thing is, wearing it really hurts! the black rubber on the back of the mask pushes into your face and nose. removing it doesnt help either as there are grooves.
Any more progress on making this work? I purchased one and removed all the interior parts. The mask is just slightly too small for my big head.
I saw the same thing but the new amazing spider-man,I'm going to use the eyes lenses for the suit and the shell for my manequin(dislaying the suit)
what about some foam inside of it?? not that big 12mm.. but maybe something more confy?? or maybe that foam like an eggshell for bed...
sorry my english is soooo bad!! ;)
I was at the store yesterday and saw this. I also so the new g.I Joe ninja masks that are all smooth in the front, that might work also
I bought one of these and ripped out the rubber eye piece and replaced it with foam makeup sponges by gluing them into the correct spots

Way more comfortable, it sits tighter on my face and the makeup sponges mould around the shape of my nose/cheeks etc

Not too bad for $10 I suppose
I couldn't resist trying it on at the store and damn it was uncomfortable! It was also a bit small for my face so I didn't even bother buying it.
I guys ! Sorry for the update !
I have took the Mask, i have sanded the piece who hurt with my dremel, and remove the plastic lenses ! The result is very good !
After sanding the plastic pieces, the face shell is very comfortable under the mask ! And look very good !
I hope my post can help !


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I am thinking of buying on theses too. They are 18*21cm
Is it possible to cut out the lenses of these masks, add magnets and put them on top of the hood?

if this is possible, what tool do I have to use?
I am thinking of buying on theses too. They are 18*21cm
Is it possible to cut out the lenses of these masks, add magnets and put them on top of the hood?

if this is possible, what tool do I have to use?

It is possible, you only need a sharp razor blade to cut them off, no special tools. They don't look the best though, there is a video on youtube of a guy that used them, I'll try to find you a link.
Here is a screenshot. I mean they have potential, maybe you could do a better job of fitting them than this guy? Not to bag him out our anything, some of his other stuff is pretty good.

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Yes they look way too thick, I would use them as a base and try to copy the movie suit lenses, I would cut them thinner and leave a part on the mask (to attach them with magnets)
Can someone provide with a layout of the shape of the movie suit lenses? (would be nice if it's too scale) I want to print them on paper, cut them, stick them to the mask lenses and cut around it.
faceshell.jpgI used the exact same face shell and made my own lenses. It actually looks really good once you carve the webbing off. Im practicing on a morphsuit i have before my print arrive lol you should be able to put magnets on there.
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