Portal Gun from scratch! First build!


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Hey everyone!

I just registered, so I figure I'd throw up the pics of my first build happening now!

An 'Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device'. Comments and questions welcome! (More about me later...)



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Good so far! Looks like you're following the Volpin method =0)

One thing I will say: I used the 4" PVC part as a base measurement (4.5" outer diameter) and printed it out 1:1 scale (life size), and discovered that 2" PVC, offset toward the top a little bit (rather than centered within the 4"), is a much closer size for the front barrel than 3" PVC would be.

Good luck - this is a great project and people will love it.
Hey PrimoOptimoso! Thanks for the tip!

I'm gonna stick with what a have for now, I kinda like the huge 'barrel' out front ;)

Made a few changes today, most involving removing length from the back-end of the barrel. But more on that later...

Here are a few shots I took of my work area.

My messy workroom!

My tiny work desk! (It's not that bad actually)

And my greatest (and newest) toy - the Dremel 4000!!!! *Cue Applause* - Best... Tool... Ever... - You can also see the Florists Foam I'm planning to use for the outer shells.

Pics of the build in my next post! :)

Ok, now the good stuff! ;)

So after some guesses and dodgy measuring, I cut down both sections of the barrel by about 60mm (I'm Australian, so you'll get all Metric measurements from me, sorry!) so they would sit against the pipe stops in the main body section.


I put new supports for the back of the inside-barrel section to rest on, and made a hole in the middle for wiring.



More news as it comes to hand! I have a LAN this weekend, so probably not much work getting done... Oh well...

No I didn't... I'm literally brand-new on the scene! Haven't had time to scan the forums yet either, but it's on top of my internet to-do list. ;)

Anyway, here is a couple of shots with my girlfriend holding the gun as it is now. I think I can see it complete a lot more clearly in my head now...



I was thinking to cut them out of some plastic storage containers I have here, but I was given some clear acrylic sheet plastic the other day, so I might layer it up and use that...
nice build ^^especially for a first.... i may try the same method you're using as i've just finished the game and want EVERYTHING from it.... even the psychotic killer robot

ill be eagerly watching this thread :3
Hey everyone!

I was off crook from work today, musta ate something bad over the weekend... At least I managed to crawl out of bed and get something done!

Latest part fabrication: A round... disk, umm, bit...

This part is designed to sit inside the chassis, providing a solid 'wall' for the barrel to attach to. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to attach it, maybe someone has an idea? Any input would be appreciated! I was thinking about gluing in a cut wood or metal block to screw into from behind the wall (where the battery and electronics will sit once everything is fitted). I want to be able to at least break it in half for repair access and transport safety...

Anyway, here's a few quick shots I took after making the disk. Quite pleased with how it turned out!

The Disk Itself!

How I set up my Dremel and workbench to cut the disk...

... and how the disk sat in the 'apparatus' ;)


So now, here is how it sits inside the chassis...

With the barrel inserted from the back...

... and with the barrel in from the front(ish)... This shot has the mockup rear casing on it! (Just for something to judge with - nowhere near the final version)...

Here's a side shot for length comparisons...

- Tas
So hopefully today I can get my containment tube cut to size and the floral foam glued into a block ready to mark up and cut down for the rear cover... Crossing my fingers anyway... Does anyone have a recommendation for glues to use on the foam? I'd like to avoid ridges where the blocks of foam meet, so I am thinking spray contact adhesive?
Late Night Update!

While I didn't get around to cutting the tube (I want to make another disk or two before I move the rig), I did manage to get started on the florists foam block for the sculpting and the what-not...

I ended up buying a can of this: Selley's Kwik Grip Spray Contact Adhesive. It went on very thin, but after an hour or so the bond was enough to hold them together while my efforts to prize them apart started buckling the foam!


I'd like to point out again at this point that I live in Melbourne, Australia and brands/products can differ greatly to other countries... I'm always worried that something I try is too different to what Yank makers use! :lol

A quick update! Kind of... well... a 'testing-of-stuff' update...

So a trip to the local $2 shop found me some cheap tools and a new dust mask and safety glasses. Can't be too careful!

Good news everyone! My eBay LEDs arrived! From China... No info on them... darn... 3mm orange and blue high brightness.

I also bought some sandpaper from the $2 shop. Used to rough up my acrylic rod some... it works surprisingly well!


And that shot is 1 high brightness LED on a half dead battery! I have 10 of each red and blue! Should look sweet once its sanded fully and had the ends polished!


And yes.... it does look like a Lightsaber... XD
hey tast - you got red? should be orange. If you're running them on 9 volts I have some orange ones already wired with resistors for 9V.

Damn, might not be cost effective to ship all the way to Aus...
Hi all!

So, I got some work done today, not heaps, but some...

First, I started on some of the disks that go inside the clear pipe, with the raised pattern on it...

Here is a shot with the clear pipe inserted into the barrel...

... and here's one with my holding a single 5mm led at the rear end...

The camera makes it look brighter than it actually is, but it's still a good start! Apologies for the horrible photo quality, I will get some better shots when my partner gets home with my camera ;)

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