Portal 2 Socks - Terrible Plan B?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by kdring, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I was thinking over the Portal 2 longfall boots a bit and did some research on construction. But I'll be honest, they look terribly uncomfortable, lol. I was wondering, as a community, if you think something like the Portal socks by J!NX (J!NX : Portal 2 Longfall Socks - Clothing Inspired by Video Games & Geek Culture) would be a horrible cop-out? Like "look at your awesome Portal gun," and then, "oh, nice... socks."

    I wish there was some alternative style/option that didn't involve my feet being in 4 inch heel(less)s all day.
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    It depends.

    If you have a portal gun made of paper mache and it is halloween, it may be a plausable option.

    If you are at a con with a portal gun you spent alot of time on, definatly not.

    You could make the boot so your heel touches the ground and the spring looks compressed, or go with the portal 1 option where it is just the back springs.

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