Portal 2 Boots


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Hey everyone!

This is my first topic and full project I've started.
I had noticed over on the 405th 'bevbor' had posted a model of the Portal 2 Boots, got excited(thought for some reason it was unfolded), as it wasn't unfolded yet I decided that this would be a good time to try my hand at unfolding a file.

It was an interesting and timely process and still needs alot of work but I decided to print up a boot and see how it turned out.
Now my Pep making skills are still shotty at best but here was my first attempt at the boot after unfolding it.


I just cut out a piece of sintra and molded it for this, when I make the actually boot I plan on trying a couple diffrent things to make them actually walkable.

The boot turned out to actually be a size 7.5 when I was aiming for 9 so will have to figure out sizing a bit better on this aswell for my next attempt.

Also when I move on to the actual boot I think I figured out how to install a zipper into this and hopefully even though its strengthened it will be able to bend and open up a bit to slip your foot in.

Here is what the boot looks like after a couple coats of Smoothcast and Drydex. I was going to Fiberglass it aswell but realized after that to do so I will need to do it in steps and fiberglass the inner foot part before i close it in all the way.


Next attempt I will be fiberglassing it and taking my time with everything to get out all the imperfections aswell as strengthen it properly.

I was thinking of maybe turning this boot into a Boot Lamp (think A Chirstmas Story) just so its not a complete waste, maybe make a Wheatly or other space core lamp shade for it :p

Will post more updates when I start on the next boot, need to tweak the file first and should hopefully be working on putting it together again in the next couple days.
Nice work Blah!
Looking forward to seeing the new build! Be sure to post plenty of pictures! :) Can't wait to see how a potential zipper works out!

I'm making a pair of my own, but using platform boots as a base. Will be keen to see if this was the better way to go! (yours is much more accurate already though!)
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