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I see a few threads on Porkins' helmet, but they are a bit old and I'm not sure on the necro-deadlines for pinging thread authors/responders or reviving, and none quite hit this Q.

Short ver- it looks like there is meant to be some uniformity to the stripe and gap width, and I think that I've got overall larger proportions down. But as we know these were done by hand, so some 'wonk' finds its way in.

What's the general approach for P's helmet then? Do you even things up? Or do you nudge a few mm here and there to try to get closer to the asymmetry of the helmet as well as to the variation across the stripe sizes? Got to nail this and then will have to sort the yellow detail and black pops.
Dropping in a pic to show where I'm at currently, but two caveats- this is an old and small styrene kit so some proportions would mean needing to cut vinyl at different scales (in particular the mohawk is short, so the wings will need to be two scales) to resolve the 'wrongness' and as we know, the helmet, though out in public, isn't well-documented and the combination of complex curves can be tough to read. (I should have shot more at the archives, but they'd have been lost in a drive failure all the same)

This color test being painted on a flat card doesn't quite help in all of the bits to talk over, but my focus here is on stripe width/proportions.
For the markings, I'll be cutting vinyl as opposed to masking and painting or silk-screening as this is going to be sent to a friend for their son, and it is easier to send additional markings along cut in vinyl if something should get damaged etc. The illustrator files are done etc. But the red will be a straight paint layer.



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