Popeyes Cartoon Spinach can Label


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I have always loved Popeye and thought his Spinach can would be a cool simple prop. The font isnt my favorite so I may look around to find something more accurate but since its a cartoon it is not even a font as much as a drawing. I have to get the dimensions of a can of soup like progresso to get the correct label dims. Once I get that I will post the finished product with a file for download if anyone is interested.


I just threw this together real quick with Office Publisher. Just trying to see how well it can do. Not too shabby for a super simple graphic.


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OK so if anyone is interested here are my generic Popeye Spinach can Labels. The dims are 4"x10" which happen to be the same dims as the label for a 18.5oz can of Progresso Soup.

Well I just bit the bullet and signed up for Adobe. Love the program just dont like this subscrition thing. I wont use most of what comes with the subscription.

Hope you like. I am working on some other oddball labels and looking for ideas.



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If you want some good "cartoon" script fonts, I'd recommend checking out Blambot.com - they letter comics professionally and have a wealth of comic fonts available (a good number of which are free to use non-commercially)