Polyester Resin cure, should I be worry

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    Nevermind, false alarm. Fully cured now. Nothing to see here. We don't need to see his identification. Move along.

    Hello RPF members,

    Today I'm working with poly resin for the first time, I've just put down my first coat, and I'm concerned. I followed the directions on the tin and utilized 10 drops of catalyst per ounce of base. Mixed up two ounces of base, 20 drops of catalyst, stirred for about 30 seconts, and started brushing it onto my pepakura piece. Based on the directions this should have provided 10-12 minutes of working time however when I finished brushing (guessing 10 minutes later) it had thickened but was still very brushable. Its to soon to say but I'm worried I may have curing problems.

    Current temperature is 73 degrees, 49% humidity.

    Is it ounces of volume or weight? I presumed volume, so if that's incorrect it would explain issues.
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