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I haven't built models since I was a kid, but have always been crazy about Lost in Space! (being one of the first shows I recall as a kid) Anyway, I took the plunge and bought both a Mobius and Polar Lights Jupiter II.

Being the Mobius version states level 3 model building skills, I tried to start with the Polar Lights version, "only" requiring level 2 skills. Lo and behold, I hit a wall straight away as the landing legs didn't slot into place (pre-glue) as they are supposed to.

Did anyone else have this problem?
You may have to open the slot in the bottom of the hull. The slots me be a little flashed over and too small for the tab on the legs. I have built several of the PL J2's and some take a little more pressure applied to snap them into place.
Thanks. I didn't want to "probe around" if possible, but if that is what it takes then what option do I have? I appreciate your help. :thumbsup
Just go slow. You don't want to open the hole too much because then the leg will be a bit wobbly. Take an Xacto knife and scrape the inner edges of the slot. Or use a needle file. Coming back to the hobby after many years you will probably find the tool requirements have changed over the years.
Thanks for the input, tips, and encouragement. Nervous to mess it up, I started on my Mobius J2, which, thankfully has been smooth sailing so far as all the pieces fit. :thumbsup

Once I have the confidence, from experience when this version is built, I'll tackle the Polar Lights version.

Modelling sure has changed since I was a kid!!! :eek
I am hoping to put in lights. One hobby shop I contacted told me they had train lights that fit. That would complete my Jupiter II nicely!
After many hours and a few late nights, I have a wonderful Moebius Jupiter II. It was a huge learning curve, as I imagined, with some mishaps along the way, like super glueing my finger to my lip!!! Hehehe But now, awaiting being painted and lights installed, but first I wanted advice on the decals. I tried to get them off the card, but obviously there is a trick, water I believe. What is the best way without ruining any?

After a break, my next project is tackling my Polar Lights Jupiter II. Looking at the parts involved, there is far less than the Moebius version, but the trick will be preserving the chrome finish. I will be far more reserved on my glue application, with dabs at precarious points. Stay tuned.
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