Polar lights 1/350 NCC 1701 Advise about upgrades pls

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by firefox1, Aug 28, 2015.

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    after many many years of building resin kits, tanks planes etc, I have decided to drop all that and come over to the dark side, however my knowledge is very limited when it comes to upgrading these stunning and large models. My first adventure is to build Polar lights 1/350 NCC 1701 Enterprise, I was looking to install the TOS deluxe pack ( the one with the lighting kit) but is there better, and what else is out there i would like to make them the best iI can, but i don't know what to add every time i think I've found parts I spot the A at the end of the 1701

    all help and advise is really needed
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    Are you discussing the TOS (The original Show) version?

    Having built 2 of these. One as issued, no lights, or paint, used supplied decals, depicting the version MOST often seen on the show.

    The second build version using all the upgrades from Polar Lights along with paint, weathering lights etc, composite version of all the best features (in MY opinion) from the pilot, 2nd pilot and show.

    I would advise going with all polar lights electronics as they are DESIGNED for the model to start with. Follow the direction and test fit every thing.

    The only issues I had when building both models were with the interior landing bay doors BOTH models needed to be modified. Don't know if these was fixed on the second production run of the model. Mine were purchesed at the initial release.

    Hope this helps

    best regards

    Here is my sell sheet for the 1rst version build. I sold it on ebay a while ago. This is out of the box no mods, no paint, as issued decals etc.

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    no paint?? urrrghh
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    "no paint?? urrrghh"

    :)When i do a build of a new model it is allways a "stock " build, manufacture recommended decals, no mods. I look for fit and finish issues. The polar lights designer went out of his way to insure the plastic was a match to the actual TV prop color, part for part. And I wanted to see how close it was. in my opinion he was spot on.

    The above sell sheet was that build completed. Thats no paint, all the supplied decals, no electronics.
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    Don't buy anything with the "A" at the end. That'll be the movie version. Google it, you'll find one or two "minor" differences......

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