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    Hi guys.. So i'm trying to decide the best route to making great: True to cartoon costume, I'm big on the pronounced muscle definition that wolverine had.. in essence I'd want to look like thishttp://www.stayfitbug.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/wolverine_charge-weightlifting-workout.jpg

    I was originally in contact with Flex Design Costumes

    They do great work, they had done a real great deadpool.. airbrushed the muscle suit and it looked so legit, I was going to see if that was possible for a wolverine but they are very slow to respond.. So i must start looking other avenues, I suppose my next question is OK: Do I go with airbrushed pandex or lyrca? OR Dye sublimation on lyrca or spandex? Im really looking for the deep muscle definition to make wolverine look true to the comic, I was considering wearing some muscle padding type underneath the spandex or lyrca suit aswell..

    What do you guys suggest?? Also do you have any good resources for somebody who does dye sub/airbrush work?

    I read that dye sub was better, but I am not sure.. I am lacking with experience.

    I also built a pair of retractable claws, which I need to find a pair of blue gloves long enough/loose enough to fit over them to make them look not-so obvious haha


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