Question PM from 'RPF Volunteer'? (answered)


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I just got a strange PM today from an account named 'RPF Volunteer' it said:


We received an alert that there has been a multi-login incident involving your account. What does this mean? It usually means one of the three scenarios below has happened. Please read over the scenarios and let us know which one applies so we can take steps to rectify the issue.

1) Multiple members using one computer
If you and another member of the site have logged into the RPF on the same computer, please provide the other members user name and explain your relation to them (we often find that the two accounts are a husband and wife or two friends who are working on a project together) so we can make a note of it for when we receive similar future alerts.

2) One member with multiple user accounts
If you have more than one member account you are in violation of the Code of Conduct. We only allow one account per member. In such cases, we will be glad to merge your multiple accounts together for you. Please let us know which account you would like to retain.

3) Member account has been compromised
If you believe your account has been compromised and someone else is using your account without your knowledge, please let us know immediately so we can take steps to secure your account.

If you do not believe any of these scenarios have occurred, please let us know and we will further investigate the issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the reason for this alert, failure to respond to this message in a timely manner may lead to your account being locked or terminated.

Thanks for your time!

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There should have been NO multiple log in attempts as I have my password saved and didn't have any issues today or recently for that matter. Did some searches and didn't find anything to validate this user or PM. Any ideas what's going on here?



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Re: PM from 'RPF Volunteer'?

I got this as well. It looks like either the site has implemented some new security measure, or this is a weird spam account. Given that this account has 1,232 "messages" (usually meant to show numbers of posts), it is interesting, however the account is not requesting any sensitive information.


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Re: PM from 'RPF Volunteer'?

Sorry for the confusion as that account should have been displaying the "Staff" banned but was not (it has now been added).

The account is legitimate as are those messages. If two members log in from the same computer one or both of those members will receive the pm quoted above. We have just started going through a back log of these notices so it may not being anything that has take place recently. Please reply with the appropriate information. Thanks. :)


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I also received an PM like this. And I replied to with and said that I don't have any "dummy account" or another user using my PCs. But I do have 2 PC's, an old windows XP which I'm still using now, and a newer Windows 7 PC which I bought last month. Hopefully everything gets resolved. :)
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