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Hi! I'm super crazy with accuracy, down to the smallest details. It's cool to see a replica forum!! Here are some of the cosplays I've made. If you want to read more about them please check out my Instagram retrosnowwhite :)

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman.

Sarah from Labyrinth

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Rachael from Bladerunner

Battle Rey from Star Wars The Last Jedi

Club Harley from Suicide Squad.
There are many more but I don't want to make this extremely long. Thank you!!


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As a Blade Runner fan, your Rachael's costume is very well done and photographed in the right building! The rest is Pro-Job as well!!


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I know how hard this is to do with off the shelf fabrics. I've spent months looking for the perfect fabric before. I think Dorothy, Wonder Woman, and Rey are the best ones of what you posted.

Psab keel

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Those are fantastic!

I know to some people the Dorothy may be the "simplest" but to me it's the most impressive because trying to replicate a costume that was made for a 1930's film is probably much more challenging than some of the more modern film costumes. Just trying to source (or create accurate fabrics in some cases) must have been a challenge in and of itself. I think it's really cool that you did the Linda Carter Wonder Woman too instead of the new version with Gal Gadot. I enjoy the new one, but it's great seeing the classic version getting some love!

That said, these are all fantastic!

Tan Djarka

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Amazing stuff! Have you ever considered Joi from Blade Runner 2049? You bear a striking resemblance to Ana De Armas (especially in the Sarah pic).


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They're all great, but I especially like the Lynda Carter, Dorothy and Rachael because you have a similar facial structure and you did the make-up so well.


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