please help ....packing nuts for head stuffing?


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was wondering has anyone tried using packing nuts as head stuffing so the head does not colapse on it's self when you are wearing it. i know it will most likely make a crunching noise but if you are at a con or anywhere else the noise will be dulled down. my other question what have you guys done to not make it so loud in the mask when you talk you guys add holes anywhere? and along with that where do you guys put air holes? i am assuming alot of these will go in the back so the dreads cover them up am i right? what did you guys use to make holes hole punch, drill,scissors? and how high will the slit go up the neck of the mask when trying to put the mask on so you do not look like jim carrey coming out of the rhinos ass in ace ventura pet detective, what did you guys use to cover it up aside from the neck ring, velcro?


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ill have a crack at answering any that i goes...
I use foam from the hardware store, its just called 'expanding foam' and is used to fill large gaps. Comes in a can, and works fine for me. If you use too much you can cut it. I then brush latex over it to strengthen it a little.

Im assuming you're talking about a bare headed mask with no bio? If so, you can cut the tear drop shape out of the very back of the mouth and put some mesh in there. Some people put ear holes in but i didnt.

The dread holes on the masks ive made have been deep indentations on the masks themselves, you can see them on any pic of a raw mask. I didnt cut them, I just glued the dreads straight in.

Hope that helps, im not an expert, and don't own a full suit, just 2 masks.

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