Please help me ID these kit parts!

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Bradleyfett, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Difficult to say,the pictures are really dark&is hard to see.I think I see what you are refering to.Looks like something from an airplane kit...possibly a fuel tank,maybe a missle/rocket?I'm not certain of scale,but if it is from a WWII plane it appears to be large...1/32-1/24 scale plane kit.Maybe even from a commercial airliner kit made in the 70' Entex?Another possibility is that part could be the hull,or body of a (very small scale) WWII submarine,or battle ship,again,the pictures are too dark,that and the black paint does'nt make it any easier on my eyes.
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    The parts on the side of the weapon look like 1:16 scale V-8 valve covers to me. It is very difficult to determine with these photos.


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