Please help me ID these kit parts!


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Its not a model, but I thought I'd enlist the help of all you kit parts gurus out there.

Take a look at the pictures here:

This is the gun used by Greedo in ANH. The base gun is a Ruger (shown in its original form in the last picture). The kit parts are on the top and side. One part on the side appears to be some sort of underwing ordnance or fuel tank.

I don't need to know about the muzzle end- I have that handled already.

Any help is greatly appreciated! You can email me at or post your findings here.



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Difficult to say,the pictures are really dark&is hard to see.I think I see what you are refering to.Looks like something from an airplane kit...possibly a fuel tank,maybe a missle/rocket?I'm not certain of scale,but if it is from a WWII plane it appears to be large...1/32-1/24 scale plane kit.Maybe even from a commercial airliner kit made in the 70' Entex?Another possibility is that part could be the hull,or body of a (very small scale) WWII submarine,or battle ship,again,the pictures are too dark,that and the black paint does'nt make it any easier on my eyes.


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The parts on the side of the weapon look like 1:16 scale V-8 valve covers to me. It is very difficult to determine with these photos.

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