Please help me find the base used for this prop.Reward $20 big ones via Paypal!


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Well, I've searched and searched and I know a few others have tried and come up with nothing. So I want to offer $20.00 to the first person that helps me track down this Journal. If you find anything post it up and if its the right one, 20 bucks is going straight over to your Paypal from mine.

Here's what I'm after, its a personal planner used on Supernatural. I've looked at hundreds online and on Ebay and come up with nothing so far. I've looked for expense planners, personal planners, journals, pocket planners, organizers, agenda books, diaries, etc... and so far haven't found a thing.

The first and most obvious way to tell if you've found it is the side strap. The photo below is a picture from the Bluray of the prop. As you can tell the end is double sided, something that I've yet to see on any other model on the web. In some screen caps you can see that there's some type of clip attached to the top back of the journal, its missing in some cases so it might be something added at different times. The strap, and the fact that it only has three rings as opposed to 6 or 9 like most others make it a tad easier to narrow down. One other thing I noticed when looking at the Bluray was that the metal piece the 3 rings attach to has a logo. You can't quite see it clearly enough to know what it says but I thought it looked quite like the AVERY logo. But after staring a while it seems a little different. Not quite a triangle but more like two arrows pointing up. And in one screen capture I noticed that the words Project Planner were printed on the top. I don't know if this is particular to the paper or planner itself. Here's a collection of the pictures I have so far.

The main details to look for are these:
Double Sided End of Side Strap.
Loop on front cover strap passes through
Metal 3 Ring Holder on inside
Pen Holder on side near strap











I actually found their site on another thread. They have some covers that look really close but they aren't 3 ring and the strap isn't right.

If I can't find anything I might just have to go the homemade route, but I want to exhaust my efforts before I go that direction.
still looking...seen so many of these you a headache after awhile....really wondering if maybe the outside wasn't made by the prop dept. ?
That's what I'm starting to lean towards. I would think after looking through a thousand of these things eventually we'd find something close.
That looks pretty damn close, but the inside cover isn't right and the strap is wrong. Thanks for looking though, let me know if you see anything else, the help is much appreciated!
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