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Re: Captain America (Age of Ultron) Complete Uniforms

Re: Captain America (Age of Ultron) Complete Uniforms

I am very interested in acquiring 3 things: jacket, pants, and helmet. I see you included a photo of a Cap helmet, but I didn't see it listed on you price list. Am I overlooking it? Thank you for any information. You suit looks awesome!
Re: Captain America (Age of Ultron) Complete Uniforms

Do you have any pics of someone wearing the suit, rather than just the mannequin?
Re: Captain America (Age of Ultron) Complete Uniforms

Here are some pics of a couple people wearing my first version. I will say that I have improved a lot of the materials on the uniforms since then and I should have some pics of those before the end of October.

IMG_2405.JPGIMG_2427.JPGIMG_2428.JPGIMG_2429.JPGIMG_2431.JPGIMG_2433.JPG IMG_20150421_214145.jpgIMG_20150421_215627.jpgIMG_20150421_215339.jpgIMG_20150421_214629.jpgIMG_20150421_215705.jpg

The latest suits are going to be made of Cordura. The Navy Cordura I am using is not as dark as the fabric I used on the version 1 suit, so it's closer to the movie version. I am also using new urethane stars, cold cast buckles, and high-impact rubber pieces.

I am in the process of having the exact fabric made for my suits and I am planning to implement that into all my new suits. The new suits will be made with nylon spandex screen printed with the pattern from AOU.

Re: Captain America (Age of Ultron) Complete Uniforms

Love the idea of the new material. Is this something that will be used for my order or something to be used at a later date?
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