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My wife and I just got a new PS3, I know "just", and I was curious if any other RPFers were on Playstation home. If so we might think about starting a club on there as well to just hang out and share info and other interests as well. Respond here or look for me on the Playstation network my Id is Draphin76.
I got a PS3 slim a couple weeks ago as well. I play :

- Dirt 3
- Need For Speed Shift (the 1st one)
- Gran Turismo 5

If you own a PS3, you HAVE to own the uncharted series. Essentially a modern indiana jones video game. It's awesome.
Actually I purchased Uncharted (1) the other day as it had good reviews and was like $10. But I didn't get a chance to give it a try yet.
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It's awesome, and if you crack both games out, you'll be ready for when they release uncharted 3.

Also the god of war series is excellent
I've always been a PC gamer so I suck at aiming with a controller... Mr. K needs a mouse lol

My favorites genres aren't FPS anyway. I like racing (arcade/sim) and action/adventure games.

I'm a big Tomb Raider fan, and really LOVED the Legend/Anniversary/Underworld trilogy. So I guess i'm going to like the Uncharted series.

I also got Gran Turismo 5 a couple days ago (was about time) and despite all the poor reviews it got, so far it looks amazingly cool.
Yeah Uncharted is a great game, if you loved Tomb Raider, you will love these as well..

I had GT5 for about 3 days before realizing it was going to take WAY more time than I had to put into it..

Now if I could stop playing Black Ops long enough I'd find another game..

The Lego series of games are also alot of fun!

PSN- NadsRoosterfish <--- Don't ask :lol
If you own a PS3, you HAVE to own the uncharted series. Essentially a modern indiana jones video game. It's awesome.

I could not agree more... awesome series. I'm really looking forward to 3
my PSN is the same as my online id (pretty much everywhere)
To the OP, it's great to come into the console thing "late." I did that by getting one about a year ago, and there was a ton of amazing games for me to get at a low price. Here are some of my personal recommendations:

- Batman: Arkham Asylum
- God of War 3
- Heavy Rain
- Mass Effect 2
- Metal Gear Solid 4
- Prince of Persia
- Red Dead Redemption
- Rock Band 3 (great party thing, but the controllers get pricey)
- Uncharted 2 (best game I've ever played, and UC1 is ok too as you'll find out when you start playing).

And just being able to roam around on the PSN Home thing is neat too. There's lots of mini games to be played in that virtual world.
Don't even get me started on Batman : AA. It's one of the best games i've ever played. I'm REALLY looking forward to Arkham City. Although, like AA, I will be getting it for my PC and not PS3.
I love hanging around on Home. However, I seem to spend money in there on occasion. But, I am glad I have that Boba Fett costume. There are quite a few places in there, that I enjoy. Not to mention, a lot of fun free stuff you can find.
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