Playmates TNG Tricorder Functional Upgrade


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Hi folks,

I am working on modifying a beat-up Playmates tricorder into something that is equal parts improved replica and functional tool. I'll be keeping something of a build log on my blog, and I'll post updates to this thread. First post is here:

I've got most of the hardware and software working in separate modules. It's mostly down to putting it all together now. I am usually a wood and metal guy, so the plastic work on this is something of an adventure for me. I may come here for guidance on Bondo and painting, but I got that Volpin ebook so hopefully that'll cover it.

One thing I would like some input on at this stage is decals. What is the go-to printing method and medium for something like this? Glossy and colorful in kind of a plastic-y way would be great. I'm extremely comfortable with the design part in Inkscape, but I'm not sure how (or perhaps where) to get it printed.

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