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So for some reason I couldn't edit my older post so I'm starting a new one to show the progress i've made on my Hawkman costume. I'm doing the Play Kai Arts version of Hawkman that came out a few months ago. Here are some sample images of what I'm

STK655459.jpg Square-Enix-Play-Arts-Kai-Hawkman-1.jpg Square-Enix-Toy-Fair-2014-03.jpg

So I started with the gloves first just because thats going to be the easiest part to do. I dont have any nylon webbing to make the straps so i'll have to move on to the next part of the costume.

photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG


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Yesterday I started working on a prototype of the helmet to test out size and fit. Its a modified version of a Worbla patter for a Magneto helmet.
photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG


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Extremely interested in this build especially how u will do wings and mask

That is the million dollar question at the moment. Trying to decide between big rolls of EVA foam or pink insulation foam. Stay tuned though I should have a mask update tomorrow if I can do some work tonight.


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Update time. So I redid the helmet. I cut the front parts at a 45 degree angle to give it a more angular look. Its a little tight so i might have to make it bigger version.

photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG

I'm still unsure about how to go about adding the side wings which are going to sit on the side of the helmet. I'm just worried about them being so back heavy that they fall down if i use screws



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That came out excellent so far. Nice clean foam work.

Thank you so much.

I love the figure, if only it wasn't so expensive!

Loving what you're doing so far, can't wait to see the outcome

thank you for your kind words. Yeah i got luck a friend works at a comic book shop so he got me a discount on it. But Yeah they are crazy expensive but worth it when you see the level of detail up close.
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