Plastimake: has anyone seen or used this stuff?


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I just came across a video for this stuff on facebook and thought it could be pretty useful for modeling and prop building. I'm curious on how well it sands, cuts, paints, etc... Anyone have experience with it? Can it be pressed into a mold?


Any info helps. Thanks.


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Looks like the same stuff they sell for making simple push molds and stuff. I've used it for making molds, for which I think it's a miracle. Re-usable, cheap, works with resin or epoxy putties. It's on the rubbery side when cool, I don't know how well it would work for sculpted stuff.

Oh, just noticed you're in KC, say hi for me! ;)


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Hmm, doesn't sound like a substitute for aves. Rubbery makes it sound like it can't be sanded well, but I do like that it works well for molding.


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HAHA saw this on facebook also and ordered some from Amazon .. should be here soon.
No idea what I will do with it :) Maybe a babel fish in my future builds


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OK just an update for you .. what I ordered looks incredibly like the same stuff but it sold under the name InstaMorph.


It works the same way heat it up and mold it - I even heated it back up and remolded once.


Will be reheating it this weekend and cleaning this up right now not happy with final results - will use a few tools next time to get it pressed even.


I needed a phone holder for my HHGTTG Arthur Dent Cell Phone Replica which this does the job even if it is ugly.

It cut well (just used regular scissors) also used a file to clean up the bottom and that worked well also.
It did not end up rubbery but was super smooth - will paint the end product when I am finally happy with the shape.

I know I could of bought a phone stand for a dollar but hey where is the fun in that :) Stay Froody !
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